December 28, 2017

替學生補習英文多年,中小學生時常混淆in on at 等前置詞的用法。

"in the corner","on the corner","at the corner"都是角落的意思,但用法卻不一樣:

in the corner:在裏面的角落:比如說屋裏面的角落有一座鋼琴。

例: There is a piano in the corner of the house. 

on the corner:在角落之上。如在桌子角落上放著水樽。

例: There is a water bottle on the corner of the ta...

December 25, 2017

1. 可形容動物/ 物件/ 地方美觀

e.g. This town centre has a famous market and handsome buildings. 


e.g. You have a handsome piece of sculpture.你有一件美觀的雕刻。

2. 形容女人體態健美

eg. She is a handsome lady in her fifties. 

她是一個50多歲, 體態健美的女人。

3. 大多數(數量)

She was elected by a handsome m...

December 22, 2017

In the next couple of hours以下幾小時

In the next couple of hours, Timmy and Jolie are going to play card games.

By the time到...的時候

By the time I finished bathing, the dinner was ready.

As soon as一....一...

As soon as Jolie got on the bus, she saw Miss Chan.

Jolie will tell Timmy...

December 19, 2017

替學生英文補習多年,我留意到不少學生的作文內容欠生動是源於他們不懂運用show but not tell這個作文技巧。 

Show but not tell 是指運用「多感觀描寫」以顯示某景物/人物/事物一種狀態。簡單一點說,如果你寫He was very angry,這是直接告訴讀者他很生氣。想文章寫得生動有趣,你可以從幾方面描寫,當一個人生氣時,他的面部表情會怎樣?聲線有甚麼不同?會有甚麼動作和想法?


1. His face became as red as a tomato. He clenched his fist...

December 18, 2017

替學生英文補習多年, 留意到很多中小學生作文時只懂用同一個字開首寫文章, 例如: She went to Beijing this summer. She felt unhappy during the trip because of bad weather.  She lost her camera in Summer Palace and lost all her photos...

不斷用同一個字寫文章, 不但單調乏味, 更影響整篇文的組織。

如果想作文取得高分, 建議學生用至少4種句式。

1. 用連接詞開頭

As soon as,...

December 11, 2017

In the future 和In future 在英式英語中是有分別的。

in the future 指將來, 而in future 則指從今以後/今日開始。
例句:  I will move to Spain in the future. (我將來會搬到西班牙)

例句: Please be more careful in future. (將來請您小心點)

例句: The price of oil will go up in future. (油價從今以後會上升。)

Human beings will live on...