February 23, 2018

通知的英文是什麼? 通知英文notify 和inform 有什麼用法?

1. inform VS notify

inform 和notify用法:  均有[通知] 的意思

A. notify

用法: notify 較為formal (正式), 例如: 律師通知客戶、政府通告百姓等,通常用在一個團體(例如公司、機構等)告訴一個人或上司通知下屬。語氣較Inform嚴肅,通常用於一些較重要事情。

例句: Our company will notify customers of the new products. 我們公司會通知客人有關新產品。...

February 23, 2018

turn up是「調高」, turn down是「調低」


Please turn the air-conditioner up /down a bit/ a little/ a degree or two. 

還有另一說法;「請把冷氣調到攝氏二十二度」,則可說 Please turn the air-conditioner to 22℃。

資料來源: 征服英語by 古德明


February 5, 2018

 1. thick-skinned 

You don't become a property agent without being thick-skinned. 你不能當地產代理, 如果你的臉皮不厚。

2. He had the cheek to come back yesterday and then asked for money. 他昨天竟厚著臉皮, 回來向我討錢。

3. What a cheek! He asked his girlfriend to help him pay for the rent! 


February 2, 2018

1. He is a handsome guy. He is well-built and  has a pair of black eyes. 他是英俊的男人, 身材健碩, 有一雙黑色眼睛。

ANS: dark eyes  (black eyes 指被打傷了的眼睛)

2. After spending holiday in Thailand, she has a beautiful skin colour. 去完泰國旅行, 她有古銅色膚色。

ANS: a tan 曬成棕褐色的膚色

3. I seldom do sports....

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