December 24, 2018

  1. It is illegal in France to name a pig Napoleon.  豬命名為拿破崙是犯法的。

2. Over the border in Switzerland, there’s a widespread belief that residents are banned from flushing a toilet after ten o’clock at night.  There is legislation requiring householders to be mindful of...

December 16, 2018


1. Your shoelace is loose.  (WRONG)

2. Your shoelace is untied. / undone.

3. Your shoelace came undone.


untie / undo

I never undo my shoelaces when I take off my trainers.

我從不解開鞋帶, 當我脫掉鞋子時。

undo(及物動詞)意思是「解開」, 它的用法很多, 字義除了有「鬆綁」之外,以下情況均可適用:

1. 解開鈕扣 (undo the b...

December 3, 2018

送人回家, 英文是可以用以下幾句: 

1. I' ll walk you home. / see you home / accompany you home. 


2. It's on my way and I can give you a ride.

3. 如果送客人到門口, 可以說: 

I will walk you to the door. 

女士如果想叫男士載您, 如何用英文表達?

Do you mind driving me home? (more polite)

Could you drop m...

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