January 29, 2019

近日天氣忽冷忽熱, 係流感高峯期。如果返工想請病假, 有什麼英文句型可以用?



1. request...leave / day (off)

e.g. I would like to request a leave of absence for a medical check up. 我懇請公司批准本人因身體檢查告假。

e.g. I am requesting permission for two days leave....

January 24, 2019


1. Thank you for providing the requested information.感謝您的提供所需要的資料

2. Thank you for all your assistance. 感謝您所有的幫助

3. Thank you for taking the trouble to help me. I do appreciate it. 感謝您花時間幫助

4. Thank you for your kind co-operation. 感謝您的合作

5. Thank you once a...

January 14, 2019

不少學生, 只懂說"I' m busy. 如要表達很忙碌, 有很多說法。

1 – 「日日做到無停手」怎麼說?

如果想表達「由朝做到晚」,則可以說成 “I work from dawn till dusk.”

Dawn是黎明時分,dusk則是黃昏。“from dawn till dusk”意思就是從早到晚。

一直沒停過手,一直工作,英文可以說 “on the go”。

I have been on the go since this morning.


2 –「忙到唞唔到氣」英文怎麼說?

英文的說法: I’...

January 3, 2019

1. skive off 偷懶

eg. He always skives off from work (他經常偷懶)


Amy’s been skiving all day – just scrolling through instagram and facebook.

2. slack off 偷懶

 I just want to slack off today because I am totally not in the mood to work....

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