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替學生補習英文多年, 以下是一些常見英文文法錯誤。

1. 張單計錯數 The bill is calculated wrongly. 這句是錯的!!!!!!!!!!!! 正確說法是: The bill is wrong. There is a mistake in the bill. 2. The pumpkin soup is very delicious. delicious 這字本身巳有極端含義, 不能再用very 正確說法是: The pumpkin soup is really/ absolutely / amazingly delicious! 3. This style doesn't fit you. 呢個style 唔岩您! fit 表示尺寸合適, (合身) 而suit 表示風格合適 正確說法是: This style doesn't suit you. 這種風格不適合您。 4. I asked a sales if I could have a discount. 我問sales 屎有無折 sales 是adjective, 銷售的意思, 只用於sales forecast, sales figures 等。 正確說法是: 銷售員是Salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, salesgirl 5. I will return back to Hong Kong this Saturday. return 後面沒有preposition. 正確說法是: I will return to Hong Kong this Saturday. 其他videos: 發過豬頭英文