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英文作文技巧: 如何活用不同句型?

替學生英文補習多年, 留意到很多中小學生作文時只懂用同一個字開首寫文章, 例如: She went to Beijing this summer. She felt unhappy during the trip because of bad weather. She lost her camera in Summer Palace and lost all her photos...

不斷用同一個字寫文章, 不但單調乏味, 更影響整篇文的組織。

如果想作文取得高分, 建議學生用至少4種句式。

1. 用連接詞開頭

As soon as, Just then (=at that time), While, When,Meanwhile, The next day, That evening , Soon after, Later, etc 這些都是很有用的時間連接詞。

2. 用副詞開頭 (adverb)

eg. Carefully, he opened the door and sneaked into his room.

3. 用明喻開頭(simile)

eg. Like a fish, Mary dived into the sea.

4. 用前置詞前置詞短語(prepositional phrase)開頭

eg. At the end of the street there was a haunted house.

On the way back home, he met Ms Chan.

In the classroom, he found an old watch.

5. 用participle phrase開頭

eg. Standing there in front of the shop, Kitty suddenly thought of Halloween.

eg. Hearing the loud crash, she ran out of the shop to have a look.

eg. Walking along the street, he met his neighbour.

eg Eating dessert every day, Tommy gets fatter and fatter.

6. 用--ed 形容詞/ ed clause(如Frustrated, Surprised, Excited, Worried, annoyed, disappointed, etc)

eg. Disappointed and tired, he went home with a long face.

e.g. Worried, my mum quickly called my grandpa and then rushed to the hospital.

e.g. Surprised by the special gift, she opened her mouth and did not know what to say.

7. 用Feeling word 開頭

e.g. Feeling angry, she stormed out of the classroom and ran away.

e.g. Feeling sad, tears kept flowing down from the corner of her eyes.

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