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時事英語: 近日, 海之戀出現瘋狂買樓人龍, 但辣招殺不死買家

我們可以透過以下新聞學這幾個生字: 1. shrug aside 不屑一顧 He shrugged aside suggestions that his mum gave. 他對媽媽的建議不屑一顧。

2. throng 擁擠 (verb) The big crowd thronged into the department store this morning. 今早一大堆人潮擠進百貨公司。

3. snap up 掃清 We put the cheap shirts out for sale this morning and people snapped them up in only a few minutes. 今早放出便宜衣服售賣, 人們於數分鐘內搶購一空。

4. Tough measures 辣招

以下新聞題目, 你們明白嗎??

Buyers shrug aside rising mortgages as thousands throng sales offices to snap up homes

snap up可以解掃貨

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