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poverty in HONG KONG


1. Cardboard boxes 紙皮箱

Some poor elderly in Hong Kong collect cardboard boxes on the street.

一 些貧窮老人在街上收集紙皮箱。

2. make ends meet 維持生活

It's hard to make ends meet with only $5000 allowance.

只用5000元津貼, 難以維持生活。

3. caged homes 籠屋

4. subdivided flats 劏房

5. income gap 收入差距

6. measely salary 微薄收入

e.g. I can't afford to buy a flat on my measly salary.

以這份微薄收入, 我不能負擔買樓。

7. tighten my belt 勒緊褲頭

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