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pose Vs Ban

Pose 及Impose 的用法:

Pose 有3個意思 1. vt.& vi.使擺姿勢;以…身份出現;招搖;炫耀;

We all posed for our photographs next to the shop. 我們都在店舖旁邊擺好了姿勢拍照。

2. 及物動詞.提出;造成(威脅、問題等);引起;產生;

Nuclear weapons pose a threat to all of us. 核子武器對我們都構成了威脅。

Drunken drivers pose a serious threat to passengers. 醉酒司機對乘客構成嚴重威脅。

3. 作為動詞, 解作 姿勢;姿態;裝腔作勢;偽裝; e.g. I'm not really good at posing and being a model. 我不善於擺姿勢及當模特兒。

impose 有加上某些控制的意思。另外有勉強(某人做某事);推行一些政策的意思。 e.g. The city has imposed a ban on smoking in all public areas.


impose a tax on imports 征收進口稅 impose the fine 收罰款 impose penalties

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