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[安心偷食事件]轟動全城, 趁這時間學下英文詞語吧。

1. dalliance 逢場作興 (Noun) / admitted to承認 +ing

e.g. Andy Hui admitted to a dalliance with 30-year-old TVB actress and former Miss Hong Kong first runner-up Jacqueline Wong. 他承認與黃心穎逢場作興

2. caught on camera +verb+ing 被影到..(行為)

e.g. He was caught on camera holding hands and kissing in the backseat of a taxi with Wong.


3. swallow a sob 哽咽

e.g. Andy swallowed a sob before saying: "Sorry, Sammi."

許志安向Sammi 道歉時哽咽。

4. flooded someone's instagram page IG遭洗版

當您想表達很多人到某人IG/ FACEBOOK 留言, 可用Flood這個字, flood這個字除了解作淹沒, 還可用來表達大量人群留言。

E.g. A lot of netizens flooded Hui and Wong's Instagram Page.


5. Nietizens 網民

6. bombshell news 轟動全城新聞

e.g. The scandal between Hui and Wong has become a bombshell news.


7. racy video不雅的影片

A racy video showing Andy Hui getting intimate with Jacqueline Wong sparked privacy concerns.

一段有關Andy 和Jacqueline的不雅的影片引起私隱關注。

8. 我丟自己臉 I 've made a disgrace of myself.

9. 我犯了一個嚴重的錯誤 I've made a grave mistake.

10. 我覺得自己好丟面、好錯、好討厭、好惡心、好陌生

I've found myself most shameful(丟面), vile(好錯), disgusting好惡心, revolting(糟透的, 好討厭)and unfamiliar (陌生).

11. vulgarity 粗言

e.g. Jacqueline kept on speaking vulgarity in the vehicle.



11. an on-and-off relationship 離離合合的關係

e.g. Sammi married Hui in 2013 after a 21-year on-and-off relationship.

經過21年離離合合的關係, Sammi 在2013年跟安仔結婚。

12. came to light 曝光 Their affair came to light after the video footage was leaked online. 影片在網上流傳後, 他們的戀情曝光。

12. clasped their hands together 十指緊扣

13. The news took the city by storm. 新聞轟動全城

14. Andy will give me a lift home. Andy 會送我回家

送人回家, 還可以用walk you home. Can you give me a lift to the train station? 您可以載我到火車站嗎?

15. lascivious, Coquettish (adj) 發姣

flirty一字解作調情, 但lascivious 這字更接近發姣的意思。因為它含有發情者作出一些勾引行為的意思。如想形容男人, 可用[lecherous]。而「Coquettish」有賣弄風情的意思。

16. infidelity 不忠

cheat on his wife 對妻子不忠

17. two time一腳踏兩船 Jacqueline has been two timing her boyfriend Ma Kwok Ming for 2 years.

18. 我係一個壞左既人

I am a broken mess. / I am a rotten person.

19. 人誰無過 No one is flawless.

20. 行為不檢, 行差踏錯 indiscretion

Sammi has forgiven Hui, 51, for his indiscretions.

wrongdoing 壞事

21. 婚姻當中除了彼此給予的幸福溫暖,當中也深深包含了彼此的錯誤和彼此的原諒。

Marriage consists not only of "the happiness and warmth" they give each other, but also embraces "each other's mistakes" and includes "mutual forgiveness".

-----Mutual forgiveness 彼此的原諒

------embraces "each other's mistakes"包容包含了彼此的錯誤

22. 醜聞 scandal

23. 情緒上的大起大落 emotional rollercoaster

24. 人皆犯錯To err is human

25. 憔悴 devastated (adj)

e.g. A devastated Sammi has refused to talk to Andy.

26. 復發 relapse

eg. Friends and fans are concerned about 關注the singer and worried that her depression抑鬱症 would relapse.

27. 廣東歌天后Cantopop diva

28. Premeditated 預謀

eg. Jacqueline's friendship with Sammi was premeditated.

29. A calculated move 精心部署

e.g. It was a calculated move by Jacqueline to befriend Sammi.

30. Piggyback 抽水 / 沾光

Many commercial companies and government departments piggyback the news for promotion. 很多商業公司及政府機構利用新聞宣傳。

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