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急尿英文, 急屎英文?


1. 我好急尿 I need to go number one really badly. I urgently/ badly/ desperately need to pee. I am bursting for a pee. 2. 我好急屎 I need to go number two really badly. I need to take a dump / crap desperately. / badly. 3. 我好急. (不想提及大便定小便, 對不熟的人的說法) I need to answer a calling from nature. Nature calls! Excuse me! I have got a call of nature! I am caught short! 4. 較文雅及屬醫學範疇的說法: I have to empty my bowel. 大便/ empty my bladder 小便 5. 對小朋友的說法 Do you need to go potty? 去洗手間 She has to take a wiz. 小朋友要去小便 (較文雅的說法)


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