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偷拍/ 上鏡/ 騙照 / P 圖英文點講呢?


1. 偷拍 to Sneak a picture/ photo /shot of someone

例句: When I tried to sneak a picture of the beautiful girl, I dropped my camera.

當我嘗試偷拍那美女時, 我跌了相機。

2. Oh, we were caught on camera !

哎呀, 我们被偷拍了!

3. He likes to take candid shots of people you know.


4. Flattering photo 騙照

She doesn’t look like this! This must be her flattering photo.


5. retouch photo , P圖

Girls often use different apps to retouch their photos before posting on facebook.

Facebook發佈相片前, 時常用不同apps修改她們的相片。

6. Let’s take a vertical / horizontal photo.

拍張打直/ 橫的照片吧!

7. You’ re so photogenic! 您真上鏡!!!!!!

take a picture for sb.幫某人拍照片

take a picture with sb.跟某人拍照片

take a picture of sb./sth.拍張某人/某物的照片


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