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英文作文技巧: 寫記敍文只識用First/Next/Then/After that?

In the next couple of hours以下幾小時

In the next couple of hours, Timmy and Jolie are going to play card games.

By the time到...的時候

By the time I finished bathing, the dinner was ready.

As soon as一....一...

As soon as Jolie got on the bus, she saw Miss Chan.

Jolie will tell Timmy as soon as she sees him.

Just then,就在..之前

Just then, Timmy noticed a small restaurant at the corner of the street.

An hour later一小時後

An hour later, Timmy is going to watch cartoon with Jolie.

Meanwhile (at the same time)同一時間

Jim went to answer the phone. Meanwhile Peter started to prepare lunch.

Just before在那時之前

Just before Timmy’s grandma left, his father came home.

Shortly after不久之後

Shortly after the bell rang, Jolie rushed out of the classroom.


Soon, it will be Christmas Day.

Soon, it will rain.

The next day,第二天

The next day, Jolie found a present on the table when she woke up.

The next morning第二天早上

The next morning, Joe woke up and found a present on his table.

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