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厚臉皮=thick cheek?

1. thick-skinned

You don't become a property agent without being thick-skinned. 你不能當地產代理, 如果你的臉皮不厚。

2. He had the cheek to come back yesterday and then asked for money. 他昨天竟厚著臉皮, 回來向我討錢。

3. What a cheek! He asked his girlfriend to help him pay for the rent!

他真厚臉皮! 叫女友幫助他交屋租。

4. as bold as brass (用黃銅來比喻厚臉皮的人)

5. brazen -faced

I have never seen such a brazen-faced guest!


6. have the gall to

My colleague even had the gall to shoulder her responsibility to me.



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