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1. razor-thin margin微乎其微的 Biden held a razor-thin margin in the state with 94% of the expected vote in, according to Edison Research. 拜登在該州的投票率微乎其微,達到了預期的94%。 The president won the election by a razor-thin margin.總統以極微弱的優勢贏得大選。 2. defective ballots 有缺陷的選票 3. 領先take the lead Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden took the lead over President Donald Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania on. 4. fraudulent 欺騙的 The election was fraudulent. 5. edging towards 走向 Joe Biden edges towards victory with leads over Donald Trump in Nevada. 喬·拜登(Joe Biden)走向勝利,在Nevada領先(Donald Trump)。 6. show a tie 得分相同,不分勝負 The result showed a tie. 得分相同,不分勝負 7. cast their votes 投票 8. opinion poll 民意調查

9. win the election


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