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早前曾志偉發表公開聲明, 澄清有關性侵女藝人的指控, 我們可以學到以下英文句子和生字。

1. 不實報道inaccurate reports

2. 嚴重指控serious accusation

3. 破壞個人聲譽tarnish my personal reputation

I will resolutely safeguard my personal reputation. 我會堅決捍衛我的個人聲譽

4. 完全捏造It’s a complete fabrication.

用法:Fabricate an excuse捏造原因 / fabricate evidence 捏造證據/ fabricate a document 偽造文件

5. 公開聲明public statement

6. 我巳經採取法律行動起訴她 I have taken legal actions to prosecute her.

7. 法律程序巳經進行中Legal procedures are underway.

Underway是形容詞, 解作進行中, 例句: The operation will be underway very soon. The project is currently underway.

8. 討回公道even the score

I hope he can help me even the score. 我希望他可以幫我討回公道。

He hope that law can help him even the score. 他希望法律可以幫他討回公道。

9. 誹謗Libel

10. 抹黑smear / slander He has been spreading false stories to smear us. 他在散佈謠言抹黑我們。

11. 混水摸魚fish in troubled waters

12. 惡意中傷malicious slander

Malicious是 adjective, 解作有惡意的,存心不良的,有敵意的;蓄意的;預謀的

例句: You ought to fight back such malicious slander. 你應當反擊這種惡意中傷。 Libel和slander都是解「誹謗」,分別是libel指「圖畫、文字等的誹謗(written defamation)」,而slander指「口頭的誹謗(spoken defamation)」 。

13. 立心不良malicious

14. 清者自清Truth would speak for itself

15. Hype 炒作

Eg. There's been a lot of hype around this event.

16. 造謠者rumormakers

The rumormakers keep maliciously slander him. 造謠者不斷惡意中傷他。

參考資料: Ally - Libel - 晴報- 親子/教育- 教育- D141013Scmp: hong-kong-filmmaker-eric-tsang-denies-sexually-assaulting


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