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世上最瘋狂的法律The world’s craziest war, do you know?

  1. It is illegal in France to name a pig Napoleon. 豬命名為拿破崙是犯法的。

2. Over the border in Switzerland, there’s a widespread belief that residents are banned from flushing a toilet after ten o’clock at night. There is legislation requiring householders to be mindful of their neighbours. 有廣泛看法認為, 晚上十時後沖厠應該被禁止。有法例要求住戶需要留意他們的鄰居。

3. In Saudi Arabia, it is a crime for men to walk their dogs or cats in public for fear they will use their pets to help make advance to passing women. 男人在公眾地方溜狗及貓是一項罪名, 因為怕他們利用寵物來幫助他們追求街上經過的女性。

4. In Australia, bunnies are strictly forbidden from entering Queensland. Anyone caught attempting to bring one of the furry creatures into the state will cop a fine of $44,000.

小兔被禁止進入昆士蘭。任何人被捉到歧圖帶任何小兔進入國土, 會被罰款四萬四千元。

5. Western Australia prohibits anyone in the state from selling, delivering , purchasing, or taking delivery of 50kg or more of potatoes. 西澳洲禁止任何人買賣及運送50公斤以上薯仔。

6. In Germany, playing, or even tuning, instruments is forbidden in rented apartments at any time except 8am to noon and 2pm to 8pm. 在德國, 於上午8時至12時, 下午2時至8時才能在出租公寓彈奏樂器及調音, 否則犯法。

7. In New York, extramarital sex could land you in jail for 90 days.

在紐約, 婚外情性行為會令你監禁90日。

8. It is legal in France to marry a dead person, provided that there is evidence that the deceased wished to marry the surviving partner. 在法國, 跟一個死人結婚是合法的, 如果有證據顯示死者有意願跟在世的另一人結婚。


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