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Go bananas 不是去拿香蕉|有趣片語

學英文多年, 原來有很多食物的字, 當它們轉為動詞/ 形容詞時,它們有不同意思?

1. Milk

當milk 是verb 時, 是解作壓搾, 搾取

例句: The directors milked the company of

My brother tries to milk my mum for every penny she has.


The director milked the company of several million dollars.


2. butter

Butter up 解作拍馬屁

My colleague is working hard to butter up the boss to get a promotion. 我同事為了升職, 努力拍馬屁。

3. banana

Go bananas 不是解作拿香蕉, 是解作情緒失控, 發瘋

Eg My mum will go bananas if you tell her the truth.

如果您告訴我媽真相, 她會發瘋。

eg. The crowd goes bananas when the singer began the show.

當那歌手開始表演時, 人群開始情緒失控。

top banana 解作CEO, 最高政府官員

banana skin 引起麻煩(或使人出醜)的事

The new policy has become a banana skin for the government. 新政策為政府帶來麻煩

4. chicken

chicken out 解作驚慌失措

e.g. I was going to tell my girlfriend about the truth, but I chickened out.

正當我想告訴女友真相時, 我感到驚慌失措。

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