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English Grammar:了解Inversion 用法


替中學生補習英文多年, 留意到不少學生不明白Inversion的用法。


1. 表達驚歎

Eg. It is a wonderful day.

Isn't it a wonderful day? (Inversion)

Eg. It was a great restaurant.

Wasn't it a great restaurant? (Inversion)

format: Auxillary verb + Subject


eg. The test was so difficult I think I failed.

So difficult was the test I think I failed. (inversion)

format: So + adj + auxillary verb + subject

3. 強調回應

I am fat. So am I.

I was not fat. Neither was I.

I have never been to Iraq. Neither have I.

I have a house. So do I.

4. 強調地方

這種用法出現在小說, 文學作品。

Here comes the big car.

In front of the desk stood the tall lady.

format: Place + verb + subject

5. 使語氣更formal , 更嚴肅 (Written English)

Should you have further enquiries, please contact him.

Should you see him, please let me know.

Under no circumstances should you break the school rules!


6. 強調否定

By no means will I give up my job.


“hardly/scarcely had…before/when…”

Hardly had I left home when/before it started to rain. 我剛出門就下雨。 (=I had hardly left home when/before it started to rain.)

直到…才…:not until

Not until I ordered hamburger did I realized that I did not have enough money.

直到我點漢堡包, 我才發現不夠錢。

再也不:no longer

No longer does she want to rely on her parents. 他再也不想倚賴父母。

一…就…:no sooner …than…

No sooner had I put the phone down than my mum came home. 我一放下電話,媽媽就回家。

No sooner 的一句用past perfect tense, 另一句用past tense. 表達no sooner 的一句先發生, past tense 那句接著發生。


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