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生活英語: 「起毛粒」、 「燙燶」、 「勾爛」、「弄皺」、「甩色」英文點講?

「勾爛」/ 「勾甩線」

A needle snagged my trousers. 支針勾爛我的褲子。

I carelessly snagged my dress today. 我不小心勾爛條裙。


I've tried every method to get my sweaters to stop pilling.



You will crease this certificate if you don't use a file.



My black T-shirt faded after one wash. 我的黑色T-裇洗了一次後「甩色」


My mum carelessly scorched my skirt when she was ironing it! 我媽燙衫時不小心「燙燶」我的短裙。

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