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英文作文技巧: 作文只懂用walk, run?

替學生補習英文多年, 不少學生詞彙困乏, 大部份作文時只懂用walk, run這兩字。

形容一個人的步行姿態, 有很多字可以用。

1. staggered 蹣跚而行

The man staggered along the road and was clearly drunk. 那男人在路上蹣跚而行, 很明顯是喝醉了。

2. rambled / stroll / saunter漫步

The girls rambled around the park and enjoyed a lot.

那些女孩在公園漫步, 十分享受。

3. loitered 閒逛

I was not in a hurry after work, so I loitered around the shopping mall.

我下班後不趕急. 所以在商場閒逛。

4. paced 踱步

Impatiently, she paced up and down the stairs, waiting for her husband.

不耐煩地, 她在樓梯踱步, 等待她的丈夫。

5. plodded / trudge 吃力地行

After a long tiring working day, my colleagues and I plodded wearily back home.

漫長又疲累的工作天後, 我和同事疲倦地吃力行。

6. march / strode大步走

We strode across the beautiful fields. 我在美麗的田野大步走。

7. storm / pace up and down / stomp off 生氣地行

Feeling angry, the teacher stormed into the classroom and yelled at his noisy students.

老師生氣地走進課室, 對著嘈吵的學生叫喊。

8. lurk 潛伏

A suspicious-looking man was lurking in the shadows, waiting to break into my neighbour's flat.

一個可疑的男人潛伏在黑影中, 等待打劫我鄰居的房屋。

9. sneak 潛行;偷偷溜走 / tiptoe 用腳尖走

Last night, a thief sneaked into the house and stole a lot of valuables.

昨晚小偷悄悄的走進房屋, 偷走很多貴重物品。

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