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Business Partners at Work

Business English Course 

Course content caters for students who need specialised English for their work.


Teaching experience:

​2010 -Started to teach Business English Course at various education centers

2014-present teach ERB Workplace English courses at Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

Have taught newly arrival immigrants from Mainland China, retired people and working adults.

Course Objective:

Making use of different teaching materials (eg, articles, recordings, videos, etc) to enhance students' English skills 

Course Content:

Tailor- made for students

It can be workplace English, interview English, English for meetings, negotiation, restaurant English, etc.

Business Partners at Work

Course content

1. Focus on writing skills 

Mainly focus on email writing, memo, letters, reports and other types of business emails.

In the lessons, I will teach you: 

The format, grammar, content, different sentence structures, vocabulary of emails.

2. Focus on speaking

This includes telephone conversation, negotiation skills, skills of greeting overseas clients, how to conduct meetings and presentation skills. 

A. Telephone Conversation


  • Making and answering phone calls

  • Clarifying what he/ she says

  • Taking message

  • Handling complaints

  • Making and changing appointments

B. Meetings 

  • Take part in and chair meetings

  • Deal with agendas and minutes of meetings

  • Exchange views

  • Discuss issues in business and social circumstances

  • Negotiate and come to an agreement

C. Presentation

  • Product presentation

  • Presenting charts and trends

  • Stating and asking for opinions

  • Linking your ideas

D. Socializing skills 

  • Networking skills

  • Socialise with your boss, strangers and customers

  • Talk about your job 

  • Talk about your company

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