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最近有沒有看世界盃足球賽? 世界盃的比賽結果英文怎樣形容?

如何用英文形容各種賽事? 快來看看以下這些足球必學生字

32強小組賽Group Stage

16強淘汰賽Knock Out Stage

8 強賽 Quarter Finals

4強賽Semi Finals



  1. draw with / tie with 打和

e.g. Japan drew with / tied with Korea.

e.g. The game ended in a draw. 比賽最後打和

2. 如何形容打敗? defeat

Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0.

Croatia lost to Argentina 3-0.

3. 被踢出局 knock out

例如: Japan was knocked out by Croatia in the World cup. (use passive voice)

例如: Croatia knocked out Japan in the World Cup. (use active voice)

例如: Japan was out.


可以用Terrific! Brilliant! Incredible!

It was a rivalry game! 形容2邊實力差不多!勢均力敵!

如果場球賽結果出人意料之外, 可以說: It was dramatic! Dramatic 指戲劇性

球賽令人感到沉悶, 可以說: It was a lousy game.


  1. What a goal!

  2. Brilliant!

  3. Stunning!

  4. A blockbuster!


The Japanese team played remarkably well!

The team was remarkable.

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