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每次教學生英文作文, 我也會教他們一些作文常用片語及生字。以下就是一些常見的片語:

1. scream in pain 痛得叫起來/ cry out in pain (形容一些受傷的人)

She screamed in pain when she slipped on the floor.

來當她在地上跌倒, 痛得叫起來。

2. Instinctively本能地

Instinctively, he stepped backward and yelled for help.

本能地, 他退後並大叫幫忙。

3. Without a second thought, 想也不想/ Without hesitation (毫不猶豫)

Without a second thought, he picked up a stone and threw at the monster.

想也不想, 他撿起石頭, 擲向怪物。

4. overjoyed to see 很高興見到

The children were overjoyed to see the yummy pizzas on the table.


5. yelled at the top of his voice 大聲叫喊

The boy yelled at the top of his voice when the nurse gave him an injection.

當護士替男孩打針時, 他大聲叫喊。

6. With a mocking smile, 嘲諷的笑容 / With a cunning 狡猾smile (可形容壞人)

With a mocking smile , the man said, “You can’t catch me!”

掛著嘲諷的笑容, 男人說:你不能捉我。

7. ran as fast as ....puny feet could carry...跑得很快

Brian ran as fast as his puny feet could carry him.

Brian 跑得很快

8. disappear into darkness 消失於黑暗中(可形容怪物/ 精靈/ 仙子)

The monster left the house and disappeared into darkness.


9. Out of curiosity 出於好奇

Out of curiosity, they went into the abandoned house and explored.

這個片語很百搭, 一般放在句首。

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