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商業英語:work experience要加s嗎?

商業英語:work experience要加s嗎?

Experience 解作經驗是「不可數」的,但解作個人經歷卻「可數」。

例句1: She has a lot of experience in the field of accounting。她在會計這行有很多經驗

行業的經驗是透過累積知識及技能得到的, 是「不可數」的。

例句2: I remember a few awful experiences at this hotel。我記起在這間酒店有過幾次不愉快經歷。

酒店不愉快的經驗是由幾次不同事件組成, 事件是「可數」的。

例句3: Do you have any experience of working overseas?你有海外工作經驗嗎?

4: It was interesting hearing about his travelling experiences in Russia. 聽他在俄羅斯旅遊的經驗是有趣的事情。


  1. Mary has no ________________ of working overseas.

  2. This program is to let students gain boarding ____________.

  3. I have had some bad ______________with taxi drivers.

  4. Peter has 8 years of selling _______________.

  5. I have a lot of _______________in corporate finance.

answer: 1. experience 2. experiences 3. experiences

4. experience 5. experience

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