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1. He is a handsome guy. He is well-built and has a pair of black eyes. 他是英俊的男人, 身材健碩, 有一雙黑色眼睛。

ANS: dark eyes (black eyes 指被打傷了的眼睛)

2. After spending holiday in Thailand, she has a beautiful skin colour. 去完泰國旅行, 她有古銅色膚色。

ANS: a tan 曬成棕褐色的膚色

3. I seldom do sports. Last night after jogging for twenty minutes, I was completely out of air. 我甚少運動, 昨晚跑了20分鐘後, 無曬氣。

ANS: Out of Breath (無氣)

4. Yesterday I took my grandma to see Chinese doctor. Because she doesn't like taking western medicine. 昨天我帶婆婆去看中醫, 因為她不喜歡吃西藥。

ANS: Chinese medicine practitioner (中醫)

Chinese doctor是中國人醫生

5. My aunt has just given birth to her first child, she called him Wong Lap Hin. 我姨媽剛生了第一個小朋友, 叫他Wong Lap Hin。

ANS: Named (name只有一個名, 而call 會有很多不同別名) Wong Lap Hin 是正式的名字, 所以應用named

6. Voice disorder is a common career disease of teachers.


ANS: Occupational disease 職業病

7. My friend flew me aeroplane again yesterday! 昨天我的朋友又放鴿子。

ANS: Stood me up

8. Before the trip, we must list out the things we need to bring. 旅行前, 我們要列出要帶的東西。

ANS: List (無preposition)

9. My hands are painful. 我的手很痛。

ANS: in pain (painful 是令人痛苦的意思)

10. Every month I save HK$2000 in the bank. 每月我儲2000 元入銀行。

ANS: Deposit (存入) or I save HK$2000 in bank.

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