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get used to, be used to, used to的用法

used to



: used to + V (動詞原型) 其中的 to 是不定詞,而不是介係詞,所以後面只能接動詞原型(base verb)。

【Positive statement】 He used to gamble. 他過去時常賭博。

【Negative form】 1. 直接在 used 後面加上 not He used not to gamble.

2. 使用助動詞 didn’t,這種用法就是把 used 當成verb看待,所以變成否定句要用助動詞 He didn’t use to gamble.

【Question form 】 把 did 放在句首 Did he use to gamble?

Did she use to go jogging after work?

be used to



structure:人 + be used to + Ving (動名詞) / N (名詞)

e.g., Mary is used to staying up late. Mary習慣夜睡。 e.g., Ray is used to cold weather. Ray 習慣寒冷天氣。

get used to



結構:人 + get used to + Ving (動名詞) / N (名詞)

e.g., Since Maggie migrated to Sweden, he has gotten used to cold weather. e.g., 自從Maggie移民到瑞典,她已經變得習慣於寒冷天氣。

e.g., Maggie wasn’t used to cold weather. It took her a few years to get used to it. e.g., Maggie之前不習慣寒冷天氣,她花了幾年才開始習慣。


1. I __________ to go to the cinema to see a movie. I liked to watch it on TV at home.

 (A) wasn't used (B) don't use (C) didn't use (D) hasn't used

2. Maggie: Hey, Steve. How are you?  

Steve: I am good, thank you. Glad to see you here, Maggie. We_________eat our lunch together here when we studied at secondary school, remember? 

Maggie: Yeah. I still remember it.

(A) never  (B) often (C) have to (D) used to

3. Kitty: _____________ she use to drink orange juice?  May: Yes, she did. Her dad prepared it for her almost every day.

 (A) Did (B) Was (C) Could (D) Had

4. Brian: I can't believe it! You smoke! You told me you didn't smoke before.  Desmond: I  _____________. However, I changed my habit last year.  (A) always did (B) used to (C) had to (D) am going to

5. Your aunt used to live in France, ____________she?  (A) does (B) did (C) doesn't (D) didn't

6. The hammer ( 鐵搥) was used to break the window, _____________it?

 (A) was (B) wasn't (C) did (D) didn't

7. I have lived in a big city for ten years, so I _____________ the noise.

A) am used to B) used to C) am use to D) did not use to

8. Please don't take the notebook away. It _____________ to record (記錄) the important things at the meeting.  (A) uses (B) used (C) is used (D) will use

9. Amy used to be free and did nothing on Sunday, and so ______________ Kitty.  (A) did (B) didn't (C) was (D) wasn't

10. At school, chalk ____________to write on the blackboard.  (A) uses (B) used (C) has used (D) is used

11. Peter ____________ humid weather. It took him some time to get used to it. Peter之前不習慣於潮濕天氣,他花了點時間才開始習慣。

(A) used to (B) am not used to (C) wasn’t used to

(D) didn’t use to

ans: 1A 2D 3A 4B 5D 6B 7. A 8. C 9. A 10. D 11. C




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