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生活英語: 近視遠視英文

生活英語: 近視遠視英語

學英文多年, 您們知道以下生字/ 句子英文怎樣表達?

1. 您近視幾度?

What's your eyeglass prescription?

2. 我近視450度

I am nearsighted with 4.5 diopters. / I have positive 4.5 shortsightedness.

3. 我遠視450度

I am farsighted with 4.5 diopters. /I have negative 4.5 farsightedness.

4. 淺近視

I am slightly shortsighted/ nearsighted.

5. 深近視

I am heavily nearsighted.

6. 我近視愈來愈深

My myopia is getting severe. / worse

7. 您近視深嗎?

Is your myopia severe?

8. 青光眼 glaucoma

9. 白內障 cataract

10. 老花presbyopia 老花眼鏡 - presbyopic glasses

11. 眼朦 My eyes suddenly got blurry. / My vision is blurry.

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