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片語動詞對不少學生來說很難記, 不同phrasal verbs 常令人混淆, 不懂用, take away, take over, take on, take off, take after這些phrasal verbs怎樣用? 有什麼不同意思? 不同用法?

  1. Take away 拿走

Please do no take away my books.

2. Take off 起飛、很受歡迎、突然離開

The plane will take off in a minute. 飛機一分鐘內起飛

Butcher Samuel Lau has taken off since May. 豬肉威威自從五月變得很受歡迎

She took off after the talk started. 講座一開始, 她就離開

3. Take sth. on 承擔某事或責任 / 聘用某人

She is going to take on some new duties. 她將會承擔新的責任

This company will take on 10 more staff. 這公司會聘用多10個員工

4. take down 拿下、寫下, 拆掉

I will take down the message for you. 我會幫你寫下口信

Please take this painting down. 請拿下這幅畫

5. take after 跟某人相似

Do you take after your mum? 你跟媽媽長得相似嗎?

6. take up 開始做某事

I am going to take up this challenge. 我將會開始這個挑戰

I have taken up Kongfu recently. 我最近開始打功夫

7. take aback =surprised 驚奇

I was taken aback by his rudeness. 我為他的粗魯態度感到驚訝

8. take over 接手/ 接管

She will take over a new business next month. 她下月會接管新生意。


1. Who will take ________ the leadership of the club?

2. Some people take_____ yoga to relax.

3. Humans take ____oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

4. Why did you take ____ this assignment if you're so busy?

5. I was rather taken ______ by her honesty.

6. Do you take ______ your mother or father?

7. In the second part of the play, the actors take ______ their masks.

8. Take ______ the examples I give you.

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