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1. 你太過份!

You' re way too over.

You've gone too far.

You are going too far.

2. 頂你唔順!

I can't take you anymore.

3. 忍無可忍!

I can't take it anymore.

I' m not going to put up with this.

4. 我唔在乎.

I don't give a shit. / I don't give a damn. (impolite)

I don't care. / I don't give a crap. / I don't care a bit.

5. 去死!

Drop dead!

6. 話之你

As you wish./ As you like.

It's up to you.

It's up to you- whatever you want.

Sure, whatever.

7. 滾開!

Get out of my face!

Get lost!

Get away from me!

Get out of my life!

8. 你瘋了!

You are out of your mind!

You are nuts!

Are you nuts? 你瘋了嗎?

9. 死蠢!

You fool! You dumbbell.


10. cheap精

cheapskate/ tightwad / chintzy

What a tightwad! 正一吝嗇鬼!

Don't be such a cheapskate! 唔好咁CHEAP 啦

11. 你大我呀?

Are you bluffing me?

12. 收聲啦

Just cut it out!

13. 唔好阻住曬!

Get out of my sight!

Get out of the way/ road!

14. 讓開啦!

Make way!

15. 唔好再騷擾我!

Stop bugging me!

16. 唔好搞搞震!

Don't fool / screw/ shit.

Stop shitting / fooling / screwing around.

資料參考: 董德偉吵架英語


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