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時事英語: 浸大普通話風波

上星期, 浸大有些學生因不滿普通話豁免試太難,早前「佔領」校內語文中心及辱罵教師,從這事件中,可以學以下生字。

1. .Rowdy 無賴, 粗暴的

2. Unruly任性的

3. A standoff 僵局

4. Suspended 停學

5. Hurl vulgarities / Hurl abuse at 用粗言叫駡

6. Assail for (用言論)指責

He was assailed for using foul language while confronting staff of the language center during the protest.

他因為示威時與職員對質, 遭到言論指責。

7. Hit out at猛烈批評

Eg. The head of Hong Kong Baptist University hit out at students for their “unruly behaviour” towards teachers during an eight-hour protest.


The Hospital Authority hit out at government cuts in healthcare services.


8. Stormed 衝入 harassed 騷擾

A group of angry students stormed the Baptist University language centre, then threatened and harassed its staff for more than eight hours.

一群憤怒學生衝入語文中心, 威脅及騷擾員工超過八小時。

storm 這個字形容一個人生氣地走進某地方。


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