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I am completely disappointed 原來是錯?

很多DSE學生常犯詞語配搭上的錯誤, 例如以下這兩句是錯的,

例如: I am completely disappointed. (錯)

/ I am totally disappointed. (錯)

如果想表達很失望的心情, 應該用:

My parents were very disappointed that I failed in Chinese exams.

I was greatly / hugely disappointed because I lost in the dancing competition.

We were deeply / terribly disappointed at the results.


a bit disappointed 有點失望

slightly disappointed有幾分沮喪

deeply disappointed嚴重地失望 extremely disappointed 非常失望

mildly disappointed 有點失望

sadly disappointed十分失望

學生字時, 除了要知道生字的用法, 還要了解字義和詞語的搭配。

以下是一些Collocation 搭配詞的常用字典:


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