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在外國想剪頭髮, 如何跟髮型師溝通? 以下教你一些有用的剪頭髮常用句子及生字。


I’d like to get my hair …

cut. 剪

streaked (highlighted). 挑染 coloured. 染髮 styled. 造型 straightened.弄直 curled 捲曲 layered.分層 bleached. 漂染 dyed. 染髮 permed.燙髮


Just an inch off the ends, please只修剪一吋

I’d like about 2 inches off. 剪短2吋


Please layer my bangs. 替我剪碎陰

Please thin out my hair. 偷薄頭髮

Just a trim, and please keep the hairstyle. 只修剪, 保持髮型

Shave the sideburns. (把的水剃掉)

I want a blunt cut. 髮尾平

I would like to have layered ends. 髮尾剪碎

Just a little bit shorter on the sides please. 旁邊再剪多些

剷青 Short back and sides

I would like to have a short back and sides hairstyle please. 想剷青


I want to dye my hair one shade darker. 染深一號色

I want to dye my hair one shade lighter. 染淺一號色


I have spilt ends 髮尾分叉

see through bangs 空氣劉海

round bangs 圓劉海

To wear (let) your hair down 放散頭髮

I’d like to get/ have a wash. / a cut. / a wash, cut and dry/ a perm/

Hair extension 駁髮 / her part 分界 / ends 髮尾

dandruff 頭皮 side parting側邊分界 / central parting 中間分界


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