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Handsome 除了解作英俊, 還有其他意思

1. 可形容動物/ 物件/ 地方美觀

e.g. This town centre has a famous market and handsome buildings.


e.g. You have a handsome piece of sculpture.你有一件美觀的雕刻。

2. 形容女人體態健美

eg. She is a handsome lady in her fifties.

她是一個50多歲, 體態健美的女人。

3. 大多數(數量)

She was elected by a handsome majority. 她被大多數人選出來。

4. 可觀利潤/奬賞

My boss expects a handsome profit from his business. 我老闆期望從他的生意取得可觀利潤。


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