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英文文法: in / on / at the corner

替學生補習英文多年,中小學生時常混淆in on at 等前置詞的用法。

"in the corner","on the corner","at the corner"都是角落的意思,但用法卻不一樣:

in the corner:在裏面的角落:比如說屋裏面的角落有一座鋼琴。

例: There is a piano in the corner of the house.

on the corner:在角落之上。如在桌子角落上放著水樽。

例: There is a water bottle on the corner of the table.

at the corner:在角落外面,在某街和某街外的角落。

例: There is a shop at the corner of High Street and Sycamore Street.

更多有關in on at preposition 的用法:


(in / on / at) 1. I would rather sit ______the corner of the room. (房裡的角落)

2. I will meet you _______ the corner of Sai Yeung Choi Street and Butt Street.

3. I' ve written my name ________the top right hand corner.

4. Don’t put your water bottle _________ the corner of table.

5. Stand in _________the corner of the classroom!

6. They stood ___________ the street corner handing out leaflets.


1. in 2. at 3. on 4. on 5. at /in 6. at /on

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