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錢』相關的英文用語| 生活英語

生活英語| 錢有關的英文單字和用語| 實用英語短句


1. 月光族 live from paycheck to paycheck

2. 手停口停Live from hand to mouth

My grandma has to live from hand to mouth.

3. 身無分文 be cash strapped

She is cash strapped now because she has been unemployed for 6 months.

4. 錄爆卡 max out credit card

I have maxed out my credit card! Oh no!

5. 吝嗇鬼/ 守財奴 Penny pincher

Sandy is a penny pincher. She seldom blows money on unnecessary things.

6. 亂花錢 blow money

7. 秘撈 moonlight / moonlight as a XX

In addition to her full time job, she moonlights as a driver at weekends.

8. 家用 household expenditure

Every month I have to contribute to

9. 節省開支 tighten your belt

Starting from this month, I have to tighten my belt!

10. 收入微薄 measly income

11. 維持生計make ends meet

To make ends meet, she has a side hussle, in addition to a full time job.

12. 揮霍 prodigal (adj)



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