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1. Burst my bubble

I don’t expect you to support my business plan, but please don’t burst my bubble.

我不期望您會支持我的創業計劃, 但請不要潑我冷水。

2. Rain on your parade (也可解作掃興)

I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but your decision is too hasty.

我不想潑您冷水, 但你的決定太倉卒。

My English teacher rained on our parade when she gave us a pop quiz before Christmas holiday.


3. Dampen your spirits

His teacher dampened his spirits when he said that he wanted to be a chef.

當他說想當廚師時, 他的老師潑佢冷水。

4. to pour/ throw cold water( on someone/ something)

My boss always pours cold water on my suggestions.



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