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Present perfect tense past tense, past perfect tense分別

Present perfect tense, past tense, past perfect tense 有什麼分別?有什麼用法?

Present Perfect Tense 有4種用法:


e.g. I have lived in Hong Kong for 10 years.

2. 事件的結果影響現在

Oh no! I have lost my keys.

I have broken my leg.

3. 最近做的事

I have finished my homework.

They have just bought some cakes.

4. 個人經歷

I have been to Japan 3 times.

She has tried wind-surfing 2 times.

Present perfect tense 及 Past Tense 分別:

Eg 1. She has lived in Japan for 20 years. (會繼續住)

2. She lived in Japan for 20 years. (現在不再住) (也可能這人巳過世)

Eg 2. She has gone to France. (去過法國, 巳回來)

She went to France. (仍在法國, 未回來)

Eg. 3. I have lost my computer. (事件仍然有影響)

I lost my computer last week. (事件巳結束)

Past Perfect Tense

顯示比past action 更早的動作

After I had taken a shower, I watched TV last night.

I had finished my work before I talked to James yesterday.

The bus had already left before we arrived.


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