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1. 輾轉反側 Toss and turn

I tossed and turned all night because the room was too hot.


2. sleep through the night 一覺訓到天光

I can always sleep through the night during vacations. 放假時我時常可以一覺訓到天光

3. light sleeper:睡眠易惊醒的人;睡眠很淺容易被吵醒的人

4. heavy sleeper:睡得非常熟的人;不容易醒來的人

5. sleep out 出去外面過夜在戶外過夜

Let’s go camping this Sunday and sleep out under the stars.這週日我們去露營,就睡在星空下吧!

6. sleep in 晚起

I usually sleep in on Sundays.我週日通常晚起。

7. a lie-in / snoozing 賴床

I always have a lie-in in winter. 我冬天時常賴床。

8. get up at the crack of dawn 太陽一出來就起

9. drift off 不知不覺睡著了

The meeting was so boring that she drifted off. 會議沉悶到令她睡著。

10. oversleep 睡過頭

She overslept yesterday so she missed the bus.



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