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1. Within no time(很快地,很短時間內)

e.g. Within no time, we arrived at Tai O.

2. Without a second thought 想也不想

Without a second thought, I stormed into his office. 他衝入辦公室

3. Out of curiosity 出於好奇

Out of curiosity, I read my mum's diary. 出於好奇, 我看媽媽的日記

4. Fortunately for someone / Unfortunately for someone,

Fortunately for him, he passed the exam. 幸運地, 他考試合格

5. Not long after that, 不久之後

Not long after that, she became a writer. 不久之後, 她成為一個作家

6. From then on 從那時起 / From that day on, 自從那天開始 / Since then, 從那時,

From then on, he promised not to abuse animals anymore. 從那時起, 他答應不會再虐待動物

7. .....use all my strength to ...........用盡全力

He used all his strength to open the door. 他用盡全力開門

8. disappear into thin air / vanish into thin air 消失得無影無蹤/ disappear into darkness 消失於黑暗中

The monster disappeared into thin air within no time. 那怪物很快地消失得無影無蹤

9. Not knowing what to do, 不知如何做,

Not knowing what to do, I seek help from my teachers. 不知如何做好, 我尋求老師的幫助

10. To + one's + feeling nouns 情緒名詞

這種句型用於表達心情,例如: To my surprise/ To my delight / To my disappointment

To one's surprise 令某人驚訝的是.....

e.g. To my surprise, my teacher came to my home. 令我驚訝的是,我的老師來我家

To one's delight 使某人高興的是.....

To my delight, I got the championship in the writing competition. 令我高興的是,我在作文比賽取得冠軍

To one's disappointment 使某人失望的是.....

To millions of fans' disappointment, he will quit acting very soon. 使萬名粉絲失望的是,他放棄演戲

To one's horror 使某人驚慌的是.....

To their horror, the tiger was walking behind them. 使他們驚慌的是,那隻老虎在他們後面走路

To one's regret 使某人遺憾的是.....

To my regret, I can't attend your wedding. 使我感到遺憾的是, 我不能出席你的婚禮

To one's relief 使某人放心的是.....

To my relief, my puppy is safe now. 使我放心的是, 我的狗現在安全

To one’s amusement 使某人好笑的是

To our amazement, his wig fell off. 使我們感到極其好笑的是,他的假髮掉下來了


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